The Stage at Stillwaters is open!

The stage is open and presenting wonderful music. The first event was for the Uniteen Retreat on May 30. We had 53 middle school teens and parents come in Saturday morning and stay until noon on Sunday. The days were filled with workshops, concerts, and inspirational activities and well as a whole bunch of fun. The only blip on the screen was a thunder storm that rocked the house, in this case tents, at 4:00 am on Sunday. The rest of the time we had beautiful weather. We are really looking forward to the next event which will be open to other church youth groups as well.

Hold on to your hats the big event is only 2 weeks away. The first of many Positive Music and Arts Festivals will happen on June 20th. The response from artists and vendors is impressive. Please look at the write up on the Events page. Please join us if you can. You will love it.

Nina and I are still drumming monthly at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. If you would like to support this activity, please donate to drums used for them. Occasional we give instruments to these men and women to help the healing of stress caused by war. Donations can be made to Stillwaters Foundation and earmarked for Walter Reed.

Nina and I continue to drum for churches and meditation groups in the area. Contact me at if you would like us to drum for your group, business, church, or gathering.

How many fathers get to play drums for their son’s wedding? Me!!!!!!!!! for one. I am celebrating my son’s marriage to Kristina Bechtol on June 27th by playing with the R & B group, JoyRide, at the reception. Sometimes words do not express my joy as well as the drums do. They will explode with joy that day. What a party that will be!

Preparation for the festival is calling so I must get back to work so all will be ready for you to stop by.

Peace and Prosperity to you all,