Nothing constant but change

First there was the studio, then we added an annual Positive Music and Arts Festival. We then swapped out the festivals for monthly concerts and pot lucks. Now it is time to change again. We have shut down most of the concerts, having only one here and there by request of the artist. Most of our time is now in running live sound for weddings, events, and concerts. We also record these for lasting memories. The studio is still operating but at a reduced frequency as the recording industry is undergoing many changes. Vinyl is coming back, can you believe it. So, Stillwaters, too is evolving with the times. We still do voice overs, meditations, some rock and roll, but mostly folk. As other studios are having to close, we are staying open and using everything we have learned about sound to provide the best quality sound for live events. We can offer up to 28 wireless body mics and enough power for large outdoor events. Let us support your event in the Northern Virginia with the best sound.