Stillwaters Studios



Music is a powerful influence in the world and your positive spiritual song or instrumental compositions can make it a better place. Come record at Stillwaters Studios and see the ripples of your music reach out and bless humanity.

Stillwaters Studios is a residential studio with state of the art equipment dedicated to recording music with a positive message of peace and goodwill for all ages, races and faiths. Whether your songs are ready to record in a one day session or you need a creative atmosphere for a few days in which to put the final touches on compositions, you are welcome here.

New Directions for Stillwaters Studios

September 3rd, 2018

At first there was the studio.  Then came a concert once a year.  And now many concerts, many open mics, and much more than I want to put on this website.  Therefore, please use the following locations and websites.

Stillwaters Supper and Songs click here.

Follow us on Facebook click here.

Other than that, this website will eventually return to just the studio.   All our events will be handles through Eventbrite where you can see the events, buy tickets and more.

Peace through Music,