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I have had experience recording and mixing with 6 different studios and 8 sound engineers in 4 states, and Jeff is by far the best.  He takes great care with clients and their work, and is very meticulous about getting everything just right….. not just adjusting the levels and adding reverb, but “placing” singers on stage to make it feel as if you’re listening to a live performance, and bringing to the front the sounds that need to be showcased.  Jeff is very vocal about what he thinks would sound better, but is completely willing to let it be your own project, and will never insist if you have other ideas.  However, he is usually right.   As a long time musician and musical director, he has developed an exceptional ear, and will catch things that I might not hear until long after the mixing is finished.  I trust him completely, both personally and professionally.   After recording dozens of songs over a twenty-year period, and making 4 CDs, this is the first time I am finally getting the sound I want.  Thanks, Jeff! 

Steve W. Rogers,   Off broadway show writer and producer.

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