Positive Music Festival, June 22, 2013

We have great news.  Stillwaters Foundation is now a 501c3 which means we can have music gatherings without paying the county $1200 every time.  We are starting with only one concert a month, outdoors during the good weather and indoors when it gets colder.  Please go to the events page to see what is happening this month.  Also, this means that any donations to Stillwaters Foundation are tax deductible.

Many people have been so generous to help with the cost of the festivals, events and struggling musicians but have not received any tax benefit.  Now, when you donate to the work of Stillwaters Foundation, you will receive a letter of donation and the amount can be deducted from your taxes.  The concerts are only part of what Stillwaters Foundation does to support positive musicians and share positive music.  You can see more on our “About” page.

Starting in June, we are offering Recovering rhythms the first Monday of every month.  This is an evening of drumming and percussion that promotes healing of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and much, much more.  Please contact us for times and more information.

Once a month, the studio donates time to record Songs of Love, songs written personally for children with sever illness.  These songs incorporate lyrics about the child and  are then sent to the parents and child.

The Stage at Stillwaters trys to entertain and bless with a variety of music styles from folk to classical, jazz to pop.  Our monthly concerts are small and personal where you can get up close and personal with wonderful musicians.  Many of these musicians are professional and are members of The Positive Music Association.  There is a potluck dinner before at 6:00 and a sing round/open mic after the concert, around 9:30.   Bring your favorite dish, your voice and instrument to these neighborly gatherings and share your gifts.  All talent levels, all styles, and all people are welcome at our home.

The Festival is a much larger community event that draws people from quite some distance.  Click HERE for more information about this year’s festival.  All friends and neighbors and well behaved pets on leash are welcome.


For a small refrigerator reminder of events click here and print.