Stillwaters is not just another recording studio nor is it another bed and breakfast. It is a supportive atmosphere for musicians and other artists to create and record. The studio is not limited to New Thought musicians. Any musician from any religion or church that wishes to come and record is welcome. Ministers and others who wish to record meditations or sermons are also welcome. Hip Hop artists with a positive message for the youth are encouraged. My home is open to all that have a desire to bless and uplift the public with their art as well as those that just want to make great music.  We just don’t want to record bad vibes.  Click here  to read what some of our clients say about us.


The owner, recording engineer, and producer is Jeff Wolf, a retired music, math, and science teacher and a long time musician. He has worked as a studio drummer on many projects and recorded in studios ranging from someone’s garage to Omega Studios in Rockville, MD. Jeff has played in many kinds of bands including rock, big band, jazz quartets, string quintets, bluegrass, and R & B. He has played in and conducted the pit orchestra for over 60 different shows in musical theater. Starting with a degree in voice, he sang solo gigs in churches for many years and conducted choirs. Needless to say, his background in music is varied, giving him an understanding and appreciation for your style, whatever it may be.

Aaron Percy has also joined the staff.   Aaron is a long time sound engineer, graduating top of his class at Omega Studios in Rockville, MD. He also is a certified Protools instructor and mentors novice engineers. Aaron is available by appointment.  Aaron also uses the studio for some of his projects.

Fred Bogert is also on staff for quality control.  Since he lives in Louisville, KY, he is only available for editing, mixing, and mastering.  His 40 years of experience in Nashville will add the finishing touches to your project.

All three engineers are waiting to ensure that your CD is of the highest professional quality.


Location: Stillwaters Studios is located in Marshall, Virginia in the beautiful horse country and foot hills of the Shenendoah mountains on the lake you see on the home page. The 12 acres includes places to walk and observe nature, sit and meditate or just sit. We are 20 minutes from Shenendoah National Park where you can hike and create, one hour from downtown Washington DC. where you can be a tourist and minutes from the quaint towns of Leesburg, Warrenton, Winchester, and Manassas. Each has Civil War attractions and antique shops and great restaurants. The closest airport is Dullas, about 50 minutes away.  We will pick you up at the airport.

Equipment: The studio is digital using ProTools Le processed by 2 Mac G5 hardware. Other equipment includes Focusrite preamp and compressors, Digimax PreSonus, Dynaudio Monitors, Kurzweil K2600 and Korg keyboards, Ludwig drums, A Zildjian cymbols, an assortment of Latin hand percussion equipment including congas and bongos.   For capturing the sound, we use Neumann,  AKG C414, MXL 993, SM57 and SM58 microphones. The plugins for processing include Amplitube and many others to ensure a sweet sound for your guitars.  No need to lug all the amps.  Just bring your favorite guitar.  We can produce the sound you want.     When the project is finished we can manufacture limited runs of 100 or less CDs on our  Bravo II.    Normal runs go to local factories such as Oasis, National Media Services, or Disk Masters.

Accommodations: My home is a spacious two floor English Tudor with the studio temporarily on the second floor. The new larger first floor studio is being constructed. There is one isolation booth for a singer and a drum room in addition to the main studio. For now, it is small and cozy and perfect for groups up to six. I have recorded a 15 piece orchestra in my living room which has a 17 foot ceiling with great natural reverb.

At present, I have three guest bedrooms with 2 single beds in one, 1 single bed in the other and a queen in the third.  New rooms, including a new drum room, are in development and may be finished by the time you get here.


Cost has been a major stumbling block for many artists, especially those just starting out. Having worked in several big expensive studios, I know the pressure of the clock ticking off the dollars at rates from $80 an hour to $500 an hour. If you make a mistake, you have just increased the cost of the CD and decreased your creativity. That is not the way we like to operate here.  Stillwaters Studios wants to help you produce your song, period.   Fees are negotiable.

The cost of the CD or Demo project depends on how much of the work you want us to do . The more refined and rehearsed the songs are before you arrive here, the less it costs to record and edit them. The more editing required, the more it will cost.

Lodging and meals for your stay are also flexible. If you require maid service and a cook , the costs goes up. If you would like to throw your own linens in the washer, clean up after yourself, and fry an egg in the morning, the cost stays down. You see the point? This is my home. You are my guest and you are always welcome. However, the equipment is expensive and the mortgage must be paid or else Stillwaters Studios will close.

The cost for an average size CD will range from $2,000 to $20,000 and a few as high as $200,000 depending on what you require and the musicians hired. Let’s talk. We will work out an arrangement to fit your budget.  Stillwaters Foundation for struggling artists is willing to help some musicians.  Auditions required.

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