Harmonizing with Humanity

Just got back from the Harmonizing with Humanity conference in Phoenix. What a wonderful group of musicians including Derric Jordan, Laura Derocher, Darius Lux, Karen Taylor Good, Karen Drucker, Marcy Baruch, Freebo, Gerald White, Harold Payne, Devotion, Spring, Armand and Angelina, Faith Rivera, Elaine Silver, Susan Kay Wyatt, Scott Johnson, Leroy White, Sue K-Riley, Richard Mekdeci, Ester Nicholson, and Teri Wilder.    Yes, the music was great!!!     Any one of these musicians could entertain and inspire an audience in a show of their own. But to have so much talent on one stage was more than my simple brain could rap around, I had to open my heart to soak it all in. You know when you bring just the right amount of enriched uranium together it reaches what is called critical mass. At that point a nuclear reaction starts and releases an explosion of energy. We reached the critical mass of talent and exploded love and harmony into the world.

Do yourself a favor and try to attend the next one. I will keep you posted if you drop by on a regular basis. And now for a personal note.

I have been listening to these artists ever since I discovered them and the Positive Music Association. I fell in love with the music but never really got to know the musicians. At the convention, I drove one of the vans that transported the artist from hotels to the concert stage. I talked with them and got inside of the head and heart of some of them. There is not enough room on this web site to tell you how wonderful they are as people, aside from being great artists. None of them have super star egos even thought they are stars. Each artist treated the others with respect and kindness from the youngest to the most experienced. Notice how I didn’t say “oldest?” There were no old people there, they all had the open accepting heart of a child.

I have been playing music and involved with shows and musicians for over 40 years and I have never been around a more consistently “nice” group of people. As I said above, no egos, just love. Please do not miss the next event. I will post it.

Up Coming Event:

The Virginia members of the Positive Music Association are presenting a concert in Charlottesville, Virginia on May 10th. More information will be available in the next posting when all the details are worked out. But for now, save the evening.

Talk to you soon,