Drum circle and bon fire coming soon.

I cannot believe it has been a month since I last wrote to you. Nina Gibson and I are offering drum circles at area churches twice a month and I am playing at PosiLounges every other month. The weekend of the 11th I was running sound for the Uniteen retreat in PA and the weekend of the 25th I did the same for the YOU retreat in MD. LeRoy White again inspired the YOU kids as he does every year. What a trip he is. Book this man for your youth or adult gatherings. He rocks the house and delivers a fine sermon. The trips combined with studio work and retreat construction has kept me hopping. Will try to write more often.

As promised there will be a bonfire this coming Friday the 9th. One of the YOU kids will be having a birthday party at the same time here but 12 acres is enough that we won’t be crowded, even if she does bring the 50 kids as reported. Again, don’t worry if you missed this bonfire, I just cut down a dozen trees today for the next couple of fires, sick Virginia pine, not good trees.

Biggest news:

Virginia members of the Positive Music Association will be performing together for the first time at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 10, at Unity in Charlottesville, 2825 Hydraulic Circle.
Admission is $15 at the door, $5 for children age 12 and under.
What Oprah is about–inspiring and empowering people to live their best lives–is what the Positive Music Movement is about. This is music that’s not just entertaining but is used to create positive change in people’s lives. This new movement in music–called
“Poz music”–is music with universal messages that speak to what is good and what is possible in our lives. It is music of many styles–folk, rock, pop, R&B, jazz–with a larger point of view. It may be spiritual but is not religious. And it’s not about denying negativity or problems but rather seeing things as they are and focusing on meaning.
Poz Music Virginia will feature the following artists:
Paul Reisler, the founder and leader of Trapezoid for 25 years, has created a direct and emotional music that cuts across borders–combining folk roots, world music eclecticism, classical precision, and mystical sensitivity with the vitality of contemporary music. He has recently created a new band, Paul Reisler & A Thousand Questions, featuring Howard Levy and Angela Kaset, and the hugely successful Kid Pan Alley children’s songwriting and Nashville recording project, which includes Kid Pan Alley Charlottesville. He has appeared in over 3,000 concerts and recorded numerous albums. He also teaches a number of songwriting workshops each year at major music gatherings across the country.

Singer-songwriter Chris Van Cleave has been performing his own style of positive music for decades. Early on, he was signed to Paramount Records with Walker Daniels and Laura Branigan in the folk-rock group Meadow and released a concept album about life from (more)
birth to death. He has since written many hundreds of songs in a variety of genres and independently released eight albums. He has performed across the nation and in Great Britain, Norway, Canada, and The Netherlands. Also an actor, Van Cleave starred in national tours of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar both here and abroad. He played leading roles in Chess and Les Miserables in London West End theaters and has been featured in numerous American regional productions.
Vocalist, pianist and songwriter Claudia Carawan has been performing and pleasing critics and fans alike along the East Coast for years with her sweet style of “positively soulful” music. She has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and the late Eva Cassidy. Her music blends R&B and pop with heartfelt lyrics which reflect on love, life and hope.

Dana Agnellini is a singer-songwriter-speaker committed to a world of peace through personal transformation. His music is influenced by acoustic rock, country, blues and folk. His lyrics are personal yet universal, and focus on empowering themes and connection to spirit. After singing his song “Angels Among Us,” he was tearfully handed $500 from a woman in the audience who asked him to begin recording. He has since produced two CDs and is working on a third. Two of his songs, “Leap of Faith” and “One Light at a Time,” are featured on the CD accompanying the book I Am A Miracle, Volume 2.
When Jeff Wolf first heard artists specializing in positive music, he was so impressed that he left his teaching career and devoted himself to furthering the music. He now lives in Northern Virginia and plays drums with the group New Day, which emphasizes spiritual and New Thought music. In addition to Jeff Wolf, New Day is composed of Donna Salter (vocals), Roger Tomhave (rhythm guitar and vocals), Carole Tomhave (keyboards and vocals), Steve Graham (bass guitar and vocals), Steve Cumbie (vocals, banjo and rhythm guitar), Lisa Colburn (vocals), and Ron Wagner (sound and bass guitar).

That’s all for now.

Unfortunately, my client load is at max for this month but things should slow down next month if you would like to swing by and record.

Blessings and talk to you soon.