A Creative Atmosphere

Well, the bonfire came and went. Boy it was big.   You can barely see the tip of the pile on the right in the picture above.     We had little time to publicize it so only a small handful came.   Among them were Nina Gibson and her husband.   After an hour or two of roasting the front side and freezing the back side, the two of them came into the studio about 11:00 and spontaneously laid down the tracks to a song that she is working on.   What a creative, magical moment as a spin-off of a bonfire.   Look for it on her next CD.   I would tell you the name but it doesn’t have one yet.   I promise to give at least 2 weeks notice for the next bonfire and music sharing.

Saturday, a few Virginia members of the Positive Music Association met to map out future concerts in the area. We will keep you posted as to date, time, and location.

The studio is getting busier and busier. There are more bedrooms to build for your visit but it seems I cannot hammer and mix at the same time.   Will work on that so you have a place to rest after a day of creating and recording.

There are still openings at the Harmonizing with Humanity conference in Phoenix at the end of March. The number of performing artists is impressive. Hope to see you there.

The May trip to Honduras for Softly International has been postponed until next February.

Gotta get back to mixing and finishing the current projects so I will have time for yours.

Peace and Blessings,

Jeff Wolf