Hackers and time

Hackers got into the program a month or so ago and kept me from updating the web site. That with being swamped with work has caused me to neglect posting news.

Let me catch you up briefly for now and more information will follow.

New Day, my praise band, is having a concert the 27th of June at Unity of Fairfax, Oakton, Virginia.

I’m playing with a big band at the French Embassy in DC this Saturday night.

I leave on the 11th for Coast Rica with Softly International to build beds for children that are sleeping on the ground. Will be going to Honduras with the same organization in February. I am taking a couple recorders and several drums for jam sessions with the kids. If you have any drums or art supplies to donate, please e-mail me.

Had a good conversation with the head engineer of Sun Studio in Memphis last week. Good man.

Putting together a jazz/R&B shows for SeeQ radio which will air soon.

Conducting drum circles at Unity Life Center, Chantilly, VA and Unity of Fairfax, Oakton, VA twice a month with Nina Gibson.

When I am home, I’m recording and building the studio. The drum circle is dug and is ready for the stone floor and walls. Bonfires are on hold for now.

That’s all for now. More complete information will follow now that the site is back up and running. Must tell you about Harmonizing with Humanity and HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance) but that will have to wait.

Peace and Joy,

Jeff Wolf