Drum circle and bon fire coming soon.

The burning ban for Virginia has been lifted. I have a bonfire the size of an 18 wheeler ready to go up on a Friday evening in February. The exact date is yet to be determined. I will post it here. A drum circle will start around the fire and continue in my studio. If you would like to be a part of this event, e-mail me at jeff(at)stillwaters-studios.com and I will keep you posted. There will be 50 to 100 people and overnight camping is available if you are from out of town. This is only one of many drum circles and fires this year so stay tuned for the next ones.

The opening ceremony for Season for Non-violence in DC was inspirational. Urban Nation under the direction of Rickie Payton, was there. Rickie Payton Jr. performed a new song he wrote and got the whole audience swaying to the vibs. The speeches were very informative but the message that came though to me was, “Non-violence needs to be taught to most people. The natural, ego driven reaction is to be violent. Even Dr. Martin Luther King had to learn the non-violent way to change the world” We can teach the world and change it though your songs. There is so much work to be done. Come and record what may be the most important song in the world.


Stillwater Studios supports several organizations and two of them are Positive Music Association , and Softly International.

March 28 to 30

There will be a conference of wonderful singer/songwriters at “Harmonizing with Humanity” sponsored by the Positive Music Association and Itoi Music. Greg Baer and Karen Taylor Good will be the keynote speakers with a boat load of (29 and counting) wonderful musicians. The conference is in Phoenix, AZ. For more information or to register contact www.JourneyMates.net or call 877.288.9824.

April 9 to 16

“Vacation for Spiritual Musicians” in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Another great opportunity to join the worlds best musicians. Kick back, catch the rays, and groove on their beautiful sounds. It doesn’t get any better than that. I may miss this one as I need to stay home some time and work in the studio. All play and no work ……… actually, that doesn’t sound too bad.

May 3 to 10

I will be co-hosting a trip to Roatan, Honduras sponsored by Softly International. Their goal is to build a bed for every child in poverty sleeping on the ground. The focus is in Honduras, Peru, and Costa Rica. I went last year and it was a life changing experience. Other opportunities to make a difference for children are out there such as Jana Stanfield’s support of an orphanage in Bali. (Sorry I couldn’t go Jana.) Find one and go. You will love the experience. We have a few openings on the Honduras trip if you want to join my group.

May 15 to 18

Great Lakes Music conference. This will be a first for me but I’m looking forward to it. I hear it is a little smaller than Sound Connections in Kansas City but with just as much heart and reward.

There are many more in September but I will post those later.


Jeff Wolf, CC&BW