Where have I been since the last post?

I can’t believe that my last post was in July!  So much has happened since then and it is all good.

After recovering from the bed build trip to Costa Rica with Softly International, I jumped into a project of building a stage in my back yard.  We started on August 13 and had the first concert on August 23.  The stage is being outfitted with 200 Amps of power to provide for all the sound and light your could ever want on a 12 x 24 stage.  We will be able to handle crowds  up to 300 with no problem.  If you would like to perform on this stage next summer, you will need to contact me soon as the weekends are already being booked.

In September I went to the Sound Connections conference in Kansas City and again met some wonderful new friends and reconnected with old friends.

During the winter when the weather prevents outdoor concerts, Stillwaters Studios is sponsoring local concerts such as the one at  Barrel Oak Winery this Friday night, 11/7/08.  Artists from across the nation will be performing in this relaxed intimate venue.    I will post other events here so check in from time to time.

In September my drum circle ministry was at Walter Reed Hospital for the first of many monthly drummings.    This along with drummings for FAA and local churches has been a great blessing to many people.

The studio has provided sound for events including Youth of Unity Fall Rally and other youth events conferences.

The studio continues to crank out CDs for clients on a weekly basis.   Musicians are spending one to three nights here as they record or perform in local venues.

All of this music combined with continued construction on the facility here has made the last few months very busy.    That is why you have not seen weekly posts on this site.  I will try to do better but it’s hard to sit at a computer and write when there is so much music happening.

Talk to you sooner,

Jeff Wolf