Seasons Greatings

Blessings to all this season.  I thought when construction slowed down on the studio, I would have so much more time.  Not!  As you know musicians are super busy this time of year.

Among the extra Christmas gigs I am doing this year, the one that stands out is playing for the vets at Walter Reed Hospital.  Nina Gibson and I provide a drum circle there every month but in addition this month my R & B group, JoyRide, will be playing for a Christmas dinner and carol sing.

As it says above, Stillwaters Studios is dedicated to inspirational songs but songs are not the only way to inspire.  In addition to the songs and meditations recorded this month, we are recording the beautiful guitar of Doug Rainoff.  The sound of his original songs reaches into the very soul of the listener and removes any stress or anxiety that may be there.  What a blessing this CD will be to the hustle and bustle world that needs to slow down and feel at peace.

Stillwaters Foundation, a charitable part of Stillwaters Studios, bought a guitar for Emily Hall in September.  Emily is a 16 year old singer songwriter that dropped and broke her guitar while on a meditation walk at a youth camp last spring.  Unable to purchase another guitar after looking in many directions, she finally found a guitar that matched the quality of her voice.  Several people have contributed to this young lady but the guitar is still not paid for.  If you would like to send a tax deductible donation to Stillwaters Foundation, she would greatly appreciate it.  PO Box 1029, Marshall, VA 20116.  You will receive a letter acknowledging the gift for tax purposes.  Emily is recording her first CD here at Stillwaters Studios and has given her first of may concerts here.  I will post an MP3 of her songs as they become available.

Faith Rivera, Harold Payne, and Sue K. Riley stopped by for a bonfire after a concert near by.  What a magical night of music, drumming and fun.   You too are welcome to stop by.

New Day’s new CD went on sale last week.  I am proud to be the drummer for that group and I even got to sing one of Eddie Watkin’s songs, The Garden, on the CD.

Talk to you soon.

Jeff Wolf