Positive Music and Arts Festival

Wow, so much has happened since the last post in February. 

Before I get to the personal stuff, let me tell you about the Positive Music and Arts Festival in just a couple of weeks, June 16th.

If you stopped by to help publicize, here is a power point that you can use in your church or send to friends.  We also have posters that we can mail to you.  Contact me at jeff@stillwaters-studios.com and I will mail the poster to you ASAP.

Just click on PP for festival

This is the fourth annual Festival Stillwaters has sponsored.  Musicians from Virginia, Maryland, DC and beyond gather to share their inspiring songs that uplift the human spirit.  The songs do not “preach” any particular religion or philosophy but reach out to all to bless and “heal whatever ails ya.”  Genera include folk, rock, jazz, classical, drum circle, gospel, new age, Native American and hip hop.  Yes, I did say hip hop.  There is a wonderful math teacher in MD that is reaching kids of today through positive hip hop.  He will be here.  The music starts with a Native American opening ceremony at 12:00 and ends with a sing along, finishing around 10:00.  Bring a picnic or purchase something to eat from our vendors.  Our grills will be going if you want to cook your own burgers or dogs.  Well behaved pets are welcome but must be on leash.  There will be entertainment for the kids.  The event is mostly under tents so it will go on rain or shine.  We have scheduled a 15 min. thunderstorm to cool off the day.  Now for the disclaimer: Because of county restrictions and fees of over a thousand dollars, this is a private event.  The public is not invited, only family, friends, and friends of friends.  That said, if you love positive music as much as we do, if you know about Stillwaters through recording here or attending other events, if you know one or more of the performing musicians, if you attend one of the churches that Mary and I have performed at, if you are one of our Facebook friends, if you are a friend of Potter’s House in DC, if you are a friend of The Positive Music Association, if you are a friend of any of the above, or if you are a really cool person, you are invited.  Just not the public, because I don’t wish to charge each of you that comes an extra $10 to pay the county for the event.  No bitterness or judgment, just the facts.  Seriously, please come and have fun.  We would really appreciate it if you would register by clicking on “Register Here.”  You save $5 by registering early and giving us your contact information so we can personally invite you next year.  That’s it.  Y’all come.

Personal stuff:

The two weeks we were gone Mary and I went to St. Maarten for diving.  Actually, she soaked rays while I dove with the sharks, night dive, wreck dive and more.  Great fun.

Next on May 5th Mary Shapiro became my wife, yea!!!  The ceremony included only family and was a quiet peaceful event including the walking of two labyrinths.  The rest of the time between February and now was spent either recording, getting ready for the wedding or getting ready for the festival.  The aquaponic project is on hold until after the festival.  Then we continue building the greenhouse and fish tanks.  Looking forward to eating fresh veggies and fish year round.  After we learn enough and are meeting the needs of the family, we may offer the food to friends. 


Enough for now, need to get back to work painting the tents for the festival and setting up the stage for the festival.