Festival is over but the concerts continue.

It was a wonderful festival again this year on June 16th.  The weather was perfect and the music was as brilliant as the sky.

We have great news.  Stillwaters is now a 501c3 which means we can have music gatherings without paying the county $1200 every time.  We are starting with only one a month, outdoors during the good weather and indoors when it gets colder.  Please go to the events page to see what is happening this month.  Also, this means that any donations to Stillwaters Foundation are tax deductible.  Many people have been so generous to help with the cost of the festivals and events but have not received any tax benefit.  Now, when you donate to the work of Stillwaters Foundation, you will receive a letter of donation and the amount can be deducted from you taxes.  The concerts are only part of what we do here at Stillwates to support positive musicians.  You can see more on our “About” page.

 The next event is Stillwaters Supper and Song featuring Elaine Silver on July 14th at 6:00.  For more information go to the Events page.