With Great Gratitude

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What a wonderful event, the Positive Music and Arts Festival.  The music was superb as usual and the weather was perfect.  Because of the county restrictions, we were able to share the event with about half the number of people we had last year.  That means 100 people missed out but those of my friends that came had a great time.    Still don’t know what I’m going to do about the $1200 Fauquier County land use fee.  That would have raised the donation from $20 to $35 just to cover the fee.  Doesn’t seem reasonable.    Isn’t it strange you have to pay someone to give them a gift?    Any ideas out there?

Next, we move on to more recordings and drummings,    I will post the drum circles on Drumming Events but most, like Walter Reed Army Medical Center, are not open to the public.  Just want you to know I’m not sitting on my duff not doing anything.

The next big event, July 20 – 24,  is Sound Connections in KC, actually Unity Village, Lee’s Summit, MO.  There I will be drumming non stop for 3 days, either on kit with the music team, in the orchestra, and a drum circle Friday night.  That will be wonderful as usual.  Hope to see many of my friends there.

Cutting Ciammonds with Fred Bogert, August 21 For my singer/songwriter friends, I am holding a private event at my house.  We are going to get together with Fred Bogert on August 21 and exam ways to improve the music of positive songs.  So many times a beautiful message is married with a tune that just does not grab you.  Like in any marriage, both parts need to be complete.  At this gathering of friends, Fred, with his 40 years of recording and production experience, including 4,000 recordings and 3 Grammy-nominated  CDs,  will listen to your songs and help you craft a song worthy of your message.  Since this is a personal interaction, the group will be limited to only 20.  If you are interested, email me and I will send you all the information.  Did I mention grilled salmon for dinner?  Yah, I treat my friends right.  If you cannot come but know someone who might be interested, please pass this idea along to your friends.  Email me at jeff@stillwaters-studios.com or call 540 364-1739.

That’s it for now.  Keep writing and singing songs to uplift and bless the world.  We have much work to do.