Winter is Over

Looked at the web site and realized that it was October when I posted last.  Wow, that is a testimony of how busy I have been.  But the new season is here.

After the snow, there was the promise of spring.

Winter at Stilwaters


The county says 12 acres is not enough land to open to the public without special permits so most of the events here will be just family and friends.    The one event open to the public is the Positive Music and Arts Festival on June 19th.  An application for a permit is in the works for that.

March 28th we will have the first bonfire of the season.  My friends and I are performing at Barrel Oak Winery and then coming here to party.  Sorry but again this is open to only my friends and neighbors.

The studio has been busy all winter, cranking out several CDs from Native American Meditations, to Positive Folk, to Jazz and Rock, Poetry readings and more.  There is still time for your project but the schedule is filling.

I have been spending more time on the road playing for people and running sound.    Perhaps the most gratifying are Potter’s House in DC and the Youth of Unity retreats in Maryland.    Potter’s House is a wonderful outreach to the community offering a cafe, a book store, three church services, a concert venue on Friday nights and a community gathering place.  Mary Shapiro books and hosts the events.  The open mic is usually the 4th Friday of the month.  It is a joy to run sound for them.

The drum pit is almost finished.  As soon as it is, the men’s group from church who helped build it are going to come out and drum.  If you are interested in hand drumming and the spiritual release and inspiration of drumming, call me and I will let you know when the next one is.  Again, because of county regulations, this is not open to the public.  Only my friends can come.    But, it’s not that difficult  to be my friend.  In fact, we have block parties on a regular basis.  Instead of watching TV, we get together and play music.  It doesn’t disturb the neighbors because most of them are sitting in the audience.

Well, it’s been good talking to you again.  I will do a better job of letting you know what is going on at Stillwaters, in the studio and on the stage.  The studio is booked for the next month but after that I can record your project.  Come on by and enjoy recording in a relaxed atmosphere, not a commercial sound factory.  You can stay awhile if you wish.  I’m not the greatest cook but no one has died yet.  I have room for the whole group to sleep over.

That’s enough for now.

Peace through Music,