Positive Music and Arts Festival June 19

For Drum Circles, click here.

What’s happening:

Now I am working almost full time in preparation for the Positive Music and Arts Festival on June 19.  The county does not want me to open this to the public this year.  They wanted $1200.00 just to apply for the permit.  I am actually trying to comply  with all the rules that were mentioned in the meeting but cannot raise the $1200 right now.  Sorry, county, but I must share the music with my friends anyway.

So, the Festival is limited to my friends, the friends of the musicians and friends of friends.  Like a teenage party that a kid throws when the parents are out of town, “Just Friends,” means it grows and grows.  But seriously, I would like to keep the numbers to under 300.  We had about 200 last year and that was very comfortable.  My parents, Fauquier County, don’t want me to have this party so I need to be respectful of that and keep the numbers down.  SO, if you wouldn’t mind, R.S.V.P.  to   jeff@stillwaters-studios.com and give me an idea of how many in your party that will be joining us.  Please put Attending in the subject.

Go to events to see who is going to be here.  Please carpool if you can.

Schedule, directions, costs, and more information is on the events page.

Thanks, hope to see 300 of my friends.  Actually, that would be just about the number of my face book friends.

Peace through Music,

Jeff Wolf