Back up and running

Well, that wasn’t too bad. Every wire and cable was disconnected and rerouted and the computers and amps are now out of the studio. Ready to record your songs again.

Wanted to mention to any one buying equipment for events or recording, I have been dealing with David Mikautadze from Sweetwater Sound Inc. He and the staff are the most helpful techs I have found. I have shopped on line and in the Washington DC area and found many helpful people but Sweetwater Sound is the best.

When I was starting out doing sound for shows 5 years ago, they treated me like a pro and helped me design a system that worked great even though I have no idea how to set things up. As I become more proficient at running sound, they helped me upgrade with just the right equipment to meet my needs.  When I started ProTools, the support was the same. They matched the equipment to my stuido perfectly. You can buy cheap or expensive equipment from many dealers depending on your needs and budget but it is the people at Sweetwater Sound that make the difference and the prices are very competitive, too.

Well, back to mixing. Looking forward to your visit.

Jeff Wolf