Wonderful start to the summer

Other than recording some wonderful artists, Stillwaters open the back yard to the Eastern Region Uniteen retreat.  We had 50 of the greatest kids that spent the night and participated in fun and inspiring activities.

Next we again opened the back yard to the public for a Positive Music and Arts Festival.  With about 150 good friends, we celebrated the power of positive music and healing arts.  After the Jennifer Ferren concert, the county decided that this was a land use violation as the events were open not only to family and friends but also to many churches and the public.  So, until I can demonstrate the benefit to the county of having a venue for positive music here in Fauquier county, we will not be able to open my back yard to the public.  I will continue to have parties for my friends and fellow musicians but they will not be open to the public.  Sorry.  Perhaps next spring.

Musicians are still welcome to come by and spend the night on their way to hither and yon.  We can jam and have a good time.

The studio is going strong finishing 2 CDs this week.

That’s about it for now.  Need to finish manufacturing the CDs and filling out the paperwork for the county.

Peace to all and come on by,