Both the eagles and I are back

Arrived home last night and was greeted by a pair of eagles this afternoon. All is well. Had a thought that occurred to me when I was 60 feet down in the ocean that you might want to read. It may be a thought that one of you would wish to put into a song.

In the water, with the fish, on my last dive, it occurred to me that I was at one with the ocean.

I have always fought the water for fear of loosing my life. I was on top, sometimes under but mostly on top or out of the water. I do not swim well and end up drinking too much water. On the fifth dive I was down 60 feet and being moved with the current and at first resisting it. Got some salt water in my mouth and had to cough. The surface was too far and I was having a problem. So I coughed. Not a problem the water cleared and I was OK. OK, that fear was gone, I could breathe, I cold have a problem and solve it under water. I was OK. Then I was still and drifted with the motion of the ocean, using my breath to control my depth and slight movement to avoid contact with the fragile life around me. In a word, I chilled.

In this moment I realized that I was 90 some % water and water was all around me. The experience was most enjoyable if I became one with the water and didn’t fight the water. Hummm, kind of like the Spirit.

Spirit, God, is all around us and most of what is in us. We focus on the material and ego and struggle to maintain our position in life, our things, our status, our relationships. Peace is achieved by letting go and swaying with the flow, the natural rhythm of the Life around us. Like the water, Spirit is all around and all through us. When we become one with Spirit, we are at peace and we are moved in the right direction, to do the right thing, in the right time. Then we are free to open our eyes and behold, drink in, the beauty around us.

And let me tell you there was much beauty around me there. I look forward to my next dive.

Peace to all who stop here to read. Write ……. and come record your music.

Jeff Wolf